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Architectural Signage

When looking for Architectural Signage, you need a company that understands your needs and can turn your concepts, design form and structure into dramatic architectural signage. Using materials such as metals, glass, hardwoods, softwoods and plastics and combining them with various finishes, A1deSIGNS can provide you with the architectural signage soloution that meets all your requirements.

Architectural signage covers a wide variety of different elements of signage, some of these include: metal letters, etched glass, illumination, perspex letters, hardwoods and softwoods, plaques and engraving.

Plaques and Engraving

Plaques and engraved signage come in many forms and involve the engraving of a substrate.

Plaques can be made from a wide variety of materials including various metals (stainless steel aluminium and brass), hardwoods, plastic laminates and acrylic. Plaques can be used for anything ranging from door signs, memorial signs to house signs and nameplates.

Plaques can also be engraved and then paint filled bringing exceptional colour and quality to the final end procduct

Engraved PlaquesEtched Plaques






Etched Glass Sign

Etched glass sign making is a process by which glass is either acid etched or sand blasted, this creates a frosted indentation in the rear of the glass. Once this process has been completed, a number of effects can be applied, these include illuminting the edges of the glass. paint filling of the etching and backing up with vinyl, and the use of sign supports.

Etched Glass Paint FilledEtched Glass Sign








Metal Letters and Logo's

Flat metal letters can be made through the use of CNC routers, laser cutters or water jet cutters, however built up metal letters and logos are hand crafted with the aid of machinery, creating dramatic effects. Both built up metal lettering, built up metal logo's and flat metal lettering can be made with a variety of different finishes, including mirror polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, gold stainless steel and can even be sprayed finished to a colour fo your choice. With addition of internal illumination through the use of Neon in larger letters and the use of LED's in very shallow built up metal letters, increased visual impact can be achieved.


Built up Metal LettersNeon Halo Metal Lettering








The use of hardwoods can range from using them to simply frame something or they can be used as a base for guilding also known as gold leafing. creating a high class all be it slightly more expensive architectural signage soloution.

Hardwood Metal LetteringGold Leaf Lettering