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Top Safety Accreditation for A1deSIGNS

A1deSIGNS has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.

Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

Employing 15 people, A1deSIGNS is principally involved in the retail and construction sectors, specialising in the Sign Making, Neon Signs and Cold Cathode Lighting industries. A1deSIGNS have worked with a wide variety of clients from large multinationals and blue-chip companies through to small independents.

The company’s application for Safecontractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business.

“As a company we are always striving to improve everything we do, whether that is through the quality of our products and services or through the safety of our staff. We feel this is a good step forward as a company in showing our commitment to our staff’s welfare.” – Andy Nash (Managing Director)

Safecontractor accreditation will enhance the company’s ability to attract new contracts and its commitment to safety will be viewed positively by its insurers when the company liability policy is up for renewal.

Safecontractor is applicable to most sectors although it is particularly relevant to food manufacture, property, facilities management, retail and leisure sectors, all of which are big users of contracted services.

John Kinge, technical director of Safecontractor said, “Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place.”

“More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that A1deSIGNS has done. The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector.

Safecontractor plays a vital role in supporting our clients in meeting their compliance needs, whilst working with their contractors as they progress through the accreditation process.”

Under the Safecontractor scheme, businesses undergo a vetting process which examines http://www.ourhealthissues.com health and safety procedures and their track record for safe practice. Those companies meeting the high standard are included on a database, which is accessible to registered users only via a website.

Client-organisations who sign up to the scheme can access the database, enabling them to vet potential contractors before they even set foot on site. These clients agree that, as users of the scheme, they will engage only those who have received accreditation.

Over 210 major, nation-wide businesses, from several key sectors, have signed up to use the scheme when selecting contractors for services such as building, cleaning, maintenance, refurbishment or electrical and mechanical work.

For further information contact:
Steven Osman – Sales
Tel: 020 8646 9886
Web : www.a1designs.co.uk


Commercial Signs – Form and Function

For larger businesses and organisations, their commercial sign choices can say a great deal about them, helping to get their specific branding across to the public along with their company ethos. Commercial signs can include a wide range of various sign types including large totem signs outside big retail outlets or office blocks, to high level signage that can be seen from great distances.

The design form of commercial signs can range greatly from a sleek modern feel to a more vintage or retro style, or just a simple interpretation of existing branding guidelines. The design styles can be quite limitless when looking at larger scale commercial sign options and refined finishes for smaller commercial signs.

Each commercial sign project has its different technical challenges; we can offer advice and expertise from the outset, in order to ensure that your commercial sign project runs smoothly. Providing you with not only advice on construction and illumination options, but also positioning.  Whether it is internal or external commercial signage, A1deSIGNS can help you achieve an end product that you can be proud of.

Shop Signs / Retail Signs – The Options

Shop Signage

When looking at signage, Shop signs and retail signs are the most effective form of advertising available to a business, often overlooked and poorly maintained, your shop sign or retail sign is the important first impression that attracts the most important customers of all, the ones walking past your door.

As a business you can easily spend a great deal of money on advertising in places such as yell for example, with this type of advert you are placed next to every bit of competition in your area and it can easily cost up to £3000 on a yearly basis.

The average retail sign or shop sign depending on the quality of the materials used can last 10 years or more, if you spent the same £3000 on your retail sign or shop sign, you would have a high quality sign, that would have massive impact and all at a yearly cost of ownership of only £300 per year. Of course this is the higher end of the spectrum of signage options available, and more costs effective options are available.

When looking at retail signs and shop signs what are the options available?

At A1deSIGNS we have the experience to provide you with the retail sign or shop sign options that fit your brand or style. If you already have a logo or some sort of design, we can advise you as to the type of signage that best suits. We can provide options for your fascia sign, double sided projection sign, windows graphics, internal signage and branding along with a variety of point of sale options. Giving you the complete solution for your retail sign or shop sign needs.

Low cost shop sign and retail sign options can include simple forms of signage such as acrylic letters fixed directly to the wall, flat panels with applied vinyl text or graphics.
Mid-range shop sign and retail sign options can include metal letters mounted to a panel or wall, built up metal or acrylic letters without internal illumination and the use of an overhead trough light.

High-end shop signs and retail sign options can include built up letters in metals such as brass with internal illumination via neon or LED’s. Another option includes push through acrylic letters that can give a unique look.

Neon Signs – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Poorly Manufactured Sign from China

When you are a business wanting to get noticed by your customers, there is little doubt that the type of sign that makes the biggest impact is a neon sign, however not all companies are equal when looking for a neon sign.

So what do you look for when considering a neon sign?

The good….

Experience in the design, manufacture and installation of a neon sign is very important, along with a good understanding of the regulations that need to be adhered to in order to tramadol make a neon sign installation safe. Very few companies manufacture neon across the UK since the introduction of LED’s, which in some cases is a good thing, many of the problems in the past with neon were created by a poor final installation along with a poor approach to its manufacture. When manufactured and installed correctly, neon signs will give you years of pleasure with no problems.

At A1deSIGNS we have been manufacturing neon signs for over 35 years, and with a combined experience in excess of 200 years, we know the best manufacturing techniques to provide you with a neon sign that meets your every expectation.

The Bad…..

When your neon sign is being priced up, bear in mind the materials being used in conjunction with the neon sign. Make sure you understand the way the sign is to be mounted, where and how the neon sign is going to be used, as this all makes a difference to the type of equipment that should be used when manufacturing and installing your neon sign. Some companies will provide you with the cheapest option just to get the job, as opposed to providing a solution that meets your requirements to ensure the longevity of your neon sign and you end up happy with what you receive. Also avoid any product that involves joins in cables between letters as this does not meet regulations and if not securely connected can cause a fire.

The Ugly ….

When it comes to a neon sign that doesn’t last, there are few places that manage it better than our Asian counterparts, their products tend to be cheaper, but then tend to only last in some cases as little as 3 months, at best they can last a up to a couple of years. But not only that, their transformers don’t always meet up to EU standards some even have stamps for standards they have not achieved.

The workmanship is often poor, and customers don’t end up with what they expect, how do we know this? You may ask. We often get neon signs that were manufactured in china brought into us for repair, a recent sign need repair after delivery, but not only that the transformers were positioned without care and attention and the beer cup was put the wrong way up.

Due to the neon sign being imported, often customers also end up with a surprise import duty bill, along with a warranty that’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

Images below show the example of a poorly manufactured Sign from China –

Note The sign is poorly packaged to send internationally, the beer mug is at the wrong angle, transformers are poorly installed (not Level/straight or inline with each other), Transformers don’t have a CE Mark, Connection of power cable to transformers is poorly made. Acrylic back panel is badly scratched.

Finally in our new factory

We have now moved into our new factory, which took quite some time, first of all because we want to get the place right before we moved in and also so it didn’t interrupt production for all our customers. Our new larger factory will allow us to increase our production capabilities and improve our product range.