How to Make a Sign: The Steps to Follow

How to make a sign‘ is something many people ask, whether you’re a business owner, marketing manager, homeowner or someone wanting to become a sign maker and make a sign yourself. When it comes to making a sign, there are 5 main steps to follow. By following these steps, you’re guaranteed to end up with a sign you’ll be proud of.

The steps we follow when we are asked to make a sign

When we’re asked to make a sign, there are 5 main steps we follow to ensure all our clients’ needs are met. Following these steps means all aspects of how to make the perfect sign are covered.

#1 Decide what kind of sign you wantFirst Step to Make a Sign

Firstly when it comes to your sign, you need to decide on which is the best type to choose. There are many different types to choose from including free standing, hanging, shop front, mounted and many more. The kind of sign you decide on will also need to take into account for if the sign is for indoor or outdoor use.

Second Step to Make a Sign#2 Establish what material you want to use

Once the type of sign is chosen, then you need to establish which is the best type of material to choose. The most common choices when it comes to the materials of signs include neon, vinyl, wood, metal, acrylic and even glass. With advancements in technology you can even combine the use of multiple materials such as wood and metal together to create a rustic sign or neon and acrylic to create a modern and edgy look.

#3 Work on the design of your signThird Step to Make a Sign

Design is one of the most important of how to make a sign. Without a design, you wouldn’t have a sign. When coming up with a design you need to consider aspects such as colour, wording, font and the size of the both the sign and wording. Coming up with a few designs is always best as it allows you to explore the various different types of signs and lets you play with different concepts until you find a design that meets the requirements expected.

Fourth Step to Make a Sign#4 Create a design concept

Once you’ve settled on a design, then it’s time to create a final design concept. This design concept will pull together all aspects of the previously steps to make a sign. From colour, to size and materials, the design will bring all of these together. You’ll then be able to show this concept to a customer, if the customer isn’t happy you’ll be able to make edits/tweaks. If the customer is happy then you’ll be able to move into the manufacturing phase.

#5 Manufacture the signFifth Step to Make a Sign

The final stage of how to make a sign is the manufacturing phase. The sign manufacturer will work to the agreed design concept to create the perfect sign. Once the sign has been manufactured, it’s then the decision of the customer whether they collect it or if possible for you to deliver the completed sign and install it at the customers premises. When it comes to signs it’s important to use high quality sign making materials to achieve the the best possible finish. Materials for signs span everything from frames to lighting and much more.

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