RGB Cold Cathode Lighting From A1deSIGNS

RGB Cold cathode lighting, for that extra special bespoke lighting solution, creating an even, seamless, illumination without any hotspots, giving a flood of light that is pleasing and attracts the eye. RGB Cold cathode lighting consists of the use of three different coloured tubes (Red, Green, Blue) run in parallel as three separate individually controllable channels. This type of cold cathode lighting allows you to colour mix and fade each individual colour channel giving you ultimate control and allowing you to create a truly individual architectural lighting scheme that can be used with a variety of dimming and controlling system.

With our high voltage RGB cold cathode lighting systems being able to run 18m of glass, this system is generally used for external applications and has the advantage of being able to run several pieces of tubing on a single transformer, reducing the amount of cabling required during the installation. A separate transformer runs each colour and is run by a controller. These installations generally require the use of a fireman’s switch.

Our internal low voltage RGB cold cathode lighting systems can run up to 1.8m of tubing. This system has a single transformer for 3 tubes – one of each colour, which is located close to the cold cathode tubes installation position. This system, as it is low voltage, does not require a fireman’s switch.

Due to the varying colours the efficiency of RGB cold cathode lighting varies, but still exceed 40 Lumens per watt of power used.

At A1deSIGNS we care about the environment and as such all our cold cathode lighting lamps are recycled in the same way as fluorescent lamps; the whole of the lamp from the glass to the small amount of mercury can be recycled and re-used.

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