This will not work well, as differences in the layer thickness of the adhesive will lead to tensions in the bonding area, which will result in cohesion cracks in the adhesive and finally the destruction of the bond.

Due to safety reasons, we advise not to produce such bonds, as the bonding will be only as good as the adhesion of the mirror backing.

Yes, the reflection of the mirror backing will cure the adhesive.

Yes, however the pre-curing time has to be observed exactly, as cleaning hardened glue on sandblasted glass will be extremely difficult. Prepare test bonding before you start the final job!

Yes, however longer curing times have to be considered due to the tinting of the glass.

Yes, however the object to be bonded should be a “closed construction”.

Yes, however, only certain thermoplastic materials can be bonded, so be sure to make tests before bonding the final object.

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