When it comes to UV bonding, A1deSIGNS is the company you can depend on to deliver a quality piece. Our UV bonding services are highly sought after throughout the UK, making us one of the leading choices for this type of service.

From display cabinets through to glass furniture, our UV bonding technology allows us to deliver a range of finishes. Glass to glass, plastic to glass, wood to glass and metal to glass are all possible.

We can use UV Bonding to Create a Number of Products

When it comes to UV glass bonding, or ‘glass bonding’ as it is commonly referred to as, we have the ability to produce a range of goods, including:

  • Display counters
  • Show cases
  • Shelves
  • Counters
  • Tables
  • Commercial/domestic furniture

If you you’d like additional information on the glass bonding services that we offer throughout the UK, please take the time contact us and speak to a member of our team. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding any of our services.

Why Choose UV Bonding?

UV Bonding is a fantastic way to create clean and luxurious display areas for the interior of your business.

A major part of your branding and appeal is through the internal presentation of your company. For instance, having your marketing materials on display on a table can look messy, however, displaying these in a UV bonded glass display cabinet can present your company as professional and give an impression of high quality, attention to detail.

How to use UV Bonded Glass Furniture in your Workplace

You can use UV bonded glass furniture for an array of elements in your business or workplace. From presenting marketing materials to displaying food and drinks.

One of our most popular requests for UV bonded glass furniture is to create bespoke glass tables for reception areas, meeting rooms and boardrooms. These give a particularly high class finish and a visual impact that are second to none. If you want to create a workspace that showcases your brand, quality of work and more, in every corner of your commercial building, then look no further. Glass bonded furniture will help you achieve that.

Another of our most popular requests is for bespoke glass display cabinets. These are popular thanks to the impact of accreditations. When a company receives awards or accreditations for their work, they want to showcase them in a stylish way. Whether this be in an entrance way or boardroom, uv bonded glass display cabinets can provide you with your perfect platform to showcase your achievements so far.

The Impact of UV Bonding Glass Furniture

There are many beneficial affects of installing UV bonded glass furniture in your workplace or commercial building. Here, we have listed some of the main ones;

  • Creates a clean finish
  • Suggests modernism
  • Creates a sleek work space
  • Suggests professionalism
  • Reflects lights around a room
  • Depicts high class
  • Shows an attention to detail
  • Can give the illusion of a larger room
  • Shows creativity

Installing UV bonded glass furniture in your workspace is a great way to give it an uplift, refresh the interior and showcase your company in the best possible light.

This will not work well, as differences in the layer thickness of the adhesive will lead to tensions in the bonding area, which will result in cohesion cracks in the adhesive and finally the destruction of the bond.

Due to safety reasons, we advise not to produce such bonds, as the bonding will be only as good as the adhesion of the mirror backing.

Yes, the reflection of the mirror backing will cure the adhesive.

Yes, however longer curing times have to be considered due to the tinting of the glass.

Yes, however the object to be bonded should be a “closed construction”.

Yes, however, only certain thermoplastic materials can be bonded, so be sure to make tests before bonding the final object.

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