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Neon and UK Sign Making Service

When it comes to neon and signs in general, A1deSIGNS specialises in concept, design, manufacture and installation. Through every phase of your project A1deSIGNS is on hand to help you achieve your vision and brand identity, whilst taking into account the quality, price and environmental impact of your end product.

Through our experience of working in various industries and with a wide variety of clients from blue chip through to design agencies, architects and visual merchandisers, we have the expertise and facilities to produce neon, LED Neon, Commercial Signs, Architectural Signs and other signs that meet your expectations and required deadlines.

Your sign is carefully manufactured using a wide variety of techniques and different materials, ranging from acrylic, wood, metals, glass and composites to the use of light, chemical treatments and ageing finishes, giving the visual impact required.

Our designs and products are not based on today’s landfill design methodology, which provides products that fade into obsolescence after a brief product life cycle. We produce products able to stand the test of time, with minimal maintenance requirements, which at the end of their service life can be recycled providing sustainability and peace of mind that your product is making minimal environmental impact.

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Neon Signs

Like a moth to a flame, our signs have attracted the attention of millions of people across the world, with their warm illumination and comforting glow that is pleasing on the eyes. For attracting the attention of customers, our signage cannot be surpassed. When used as an art form a sign can get the message across in a clear, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing manner. With a history steeped in imagination, vibrancy and reliability (when manufactured and installed correctly), a illuminated sign can be one of the best forms of illumination available. They are the must have item for home or business! Which is why we create a range of commercial, LED Neon Signs and more.

We are one of the biggest manufacturers of light signs in the UK, with all products hand-bent on our premises. Offering a range of custom signs that are made using high quality lighting, your allocated sign maker can create bespoke signs for all your indoor and outdoor signage needs. From soft hues to vibrant and striking colours, neon is the perfect alternative signage option. With all sign letters being hand bent, they can be easily shaped to provide a unique lighting solution. We have supplied many businesses throughout the UK with a range of signs, including open signs, bar signs and more. Our vintage style lighting offers that timeless 80's look, with a modern edge.

Our Sign Makers

We have a team of dedicated sign makers in-house who can work with you on your sign design. We have worked with various clients from different regions across London and the UK, designing and producing a diverse range of signs that can be viewed on our website. View our neon light sign portfolio for more inspiration or get in touch to speak to someone about the design and our sign maker service.

View our neon gallery for more inspiration. If you are already feeling inspired contact us today.


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Signage is the most important investment in advertising a business can make. It attracts and entices customers who walk past your premises every day. At A1deSIGNS we have the experience and capabilities to provide you with the complete sign making service, covering all facets of signage, using a variety of materials to craft the sign you desire. Your sign says everything about your business; make an impact that won't be forgotten.

As one of London's premier Sign makers we can provide you with high quality Architectural Signs, Shop Signs, Commercial Signs and Retail Signs, along with Vinyl Graphics that can be used in a variety of ways, Vehicle Graphics that can promote your business while on the road and Digital Prints, for them all important POS displays.
We can also manufacture special items such as Vintage Signs, Light Bulb Signs and Visual Merchandising Signage.

View our sign gallery for more inspiration. If you are already feeling inspired contact us today.


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Client Testimonials

  • I’d just like to say I’ve received the ‘Tomorrow The World!” neon sign and I am delighted with it. I’ve also found dealing with A1 has been super friendly, right down to delivery. So a massive thank-you from a very happy customer. I’ve come across so many ropey companies lately in preparation for the launch of my new DJ school premises that it’s really made me appreciate when I come across and excellent company like A1deSIGNS.

    Buster Bennett - DJ
  • Hey…its all unpacked and I’ve plugged it in, it looks awesome! Huge thanks, its just how I wanted it to look.

    Elizabeth Nelson - Newport University
  • Thank you for all of your help, and the speedy manufacture and delivery of the ‘AN ANSWER IS EXPECTED’ neon. I and the artist were both extremely impressed, and it looks great in the exhibition.

    Huge thanks again, and I’ll be recommending you to friends and colleagues in the future. Regards

    Peter Bonnell - Curator - QUAD
  • I just wanted to contact you to say THANK YOU! for my amazing neon sign! When it was switched on I got super excited! I can’t believe how good it looks! It is exactly how I had imagined it!
    I really appreciate your work, and your colleagues who fit the sign were so kind and professional! THANKS

    Thank you so so much!
    Many Kind Regards

    Laura Aspit Livens
  • The sign has been received SO well, I could not do it justice with words.
    Everyone on the FrankMusik team loved it, and we want to thank you and your team for an excellent job.

    Please pass this onto Andy, as his craft has been greatly appreciated!

    will not hesitate to recommend you to colleagues, and please feel free to have a look on Youtube to see your creation on stage with us last week.

    all the best

    Gabriele Nicotra
  • [/ut_quote_alt]
  • I wanted to thank you and your staff for the work that you have produced for us.
    The signage has come up superbly and we are delighted.
    So much so that we are wanting to use the design as our logo. Would it therefore be possible to email me the artwork so that I could send it of to our printers.
    Once printed I will send a proper letterhead to you guys thanking you formally.

    Eric Elbaz - (Managing Director) Papillion
  • [/ut_quote_alt]
  • Seriously impressed with the neon sign my daughter and son- in- law asked you to do for my 80th birthday. Thanks.
    Neon Excelda Ltd was the second neon sign company to start up after Claudgen started the idea of illuminated signs.
    I ran it for 17 years and then ‘sold ‘ on the guys running it for me. It was started by my Uncle Harold James sometime in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s
    It is a real pleasure to see my present company in Neon.

    Micheal James - (CEO) Nasaleze Limited
  • [/ut_quote_alt]
  • Happy is an understatement! I am completely elated! They are incredible, what you have done is taken my design and made it a thousand times better.
    Thank you so so much!
    Tomorrow is the opening night, wish us luck!

    Fipsi Seilern (Artist)

Cold Cathode Lighting

Cold cathode bespoke lighting, is a great alternative to LED Lighting giving a lighting solution that is comfortable to look at and pleasant to be in, Cold Cathode Lighting for when the standard run of the mill illumination does not give the bespoke high quality effect you are looking to achieve. Used as an architectural lighting solution in coves to accent ceiling features or along the edges of a building to highlight the architecture, and for that extra special feel you can use RGB Cold cathode Lighting allowing you to set the colour to suit your mood.

View our Cold Cathode Lighting Gallery for more inspiration. If you are already feeling inspired Contact Us Now.


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UV Bonding

Our UV Bonding Services are now possible thanks to the use of UV Cured adhesives, items manufactured from glass alone is now possible. With the added ability to adhere glass to metal, wood and marble, creating crystal clear bonds that stand the test of time, there are now endless possibilities for cabinets, tables and display cases helping to enhance the look of any products placed within or on them.
At A1deSIGNS we can provide unique Bespoke Glass Furniture, and Bespoke Display Cabinets,, that can be used in the home, commercial or retail environments.

View our UV Bonding Gallery for more inspiration. If you are already feeling inspired Contact Us Now.



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