Neon Sign Repair

A Neon sign is a wonderful feature wherever it is placed. If it does stop working, or if it is broken, it can be very frustrating. We can handle any and all parts of a neon sign repair, from replacing transformers, to remaking parts of the glass. So if you need to have a neon sign fixed, give us a call, send over an email, or bring it in to us and we will do what we can to help.

Broken Neon Tube

What would cause my neon sign to stop working?

There can be several reasons your sign might stop working, from something as obvious as a broken section, to the less obvious reasons such as transformer failure, microfractures and air getting into the glass.

If your sign stops working for any reason, turn it off then on again. If this does not correct the issue, turn it off and leave it off, then contact us so we can assist with fixing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we understand that it is not always simple to bring a piece in for us to look at, so depending on your location, we can come and investigate the fault and make any subsequent repairs on site.

Doing it this way will cost more than having the sign repaired at our factory and may require one trip to investigate and a second to fix the issue.

This will depend on how old the sign is and where it was made. If it was made in the UK and within a few years, then there should be no problems matching tube colours and sizes.

However, if the sign is particularly old, newer colours may be slightly different and if the sign was made in a different country, such as China, then we may not be able to match at all.

Treat your neon sign the way you would treat any other electrical appliance. If it is not fully working as expected, turn it off and stop using it until it has been checked and cleared by a qualified person. Not only is this safer for you, if you leave a neon sign on when it is not fully functional, you can cause further damage to it, increasing the cost to get it back to its original state.

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