LED Neon Signs

There are times when traditional neon is not suitable for the job. You might be hosting an event at a venue that doesn't allow it. Or you might be putting it up and taking it down a lot, transporting it between venues. For instances like this and LED Neon signs are a perfect alternative.

A Day Without Pleasure LED Neon Sign

What are LED neon signs?

There are a variety of different LED alternatives to neon on the market. These range in quality, price and look and specification. Our product is one that we feel meets the quality standards that we pride ourselves on while looking as close to neon as possible and at the same time keeping the cost down as much as possible.

Made from a large block of acrylic, your design is machine cut to shape, ensuring it is precisely like the design. From there, it can either have flat faces, ideal when your sign is either really small, or when it contains large areas of solid light, or rounded faces when you really want that neon feel. From there, it is filled with LEDs and fitted with a back before being wrapped in vinyl and mounted to a backing of your choice.

M & M LED Neon Sign

Why not real neon?

While traditional glass neon is a great product, LED neon light signs have some advantages. Because it is made from acrylic, it is not as fragile as neon. Because it contains LEDs, they are naturally low voltage, meaning it never needs a fireman switch as part of an installation.

LED neon is also a lot simpler to install with the way we manufacture it. On the back of each piece is a locator fixing, which pops into its counterpart onto a wall, or panel. With a wire coming out of the back of each piece, it is then a simple matter of connecting them all to the power supply before plugging it in.

Features of LED Neon Signs


The sign is made from tough acrylic, meaning it won't break if it is knocked, dropped or bumped into.


With LEDs inside, the product will have an estimated lifespan of over 30,000 hours

Colour Options

With the option of having warm white, cold white, red, green, blue or RGB LEDs inside your product, you can achieve a wide range of colours.


With RGB LEDs, you can change the colour daily, and with flashing and dimming options you can truly customise your sign

Low Voltage

Made with 12v LEDs, you do not require a fireman switch for any of the LED neon

Ease of use

We can make the LED neon to be plug and play so that there is minimal time from when you receive your sign to when you can display it.

This is a small sample of the LED Neon Signs we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LED neon, or “Faux” neon differs from real neon in many ways. The first is that it is not technically neon, but an imitation of it. Neon is and can only be a glass tube pumped with a noble gas. The LED imitation is made of plastic, not glass and by default is low voltage.

For the most part yes, in fact, there are some designs that lend themselves more to LED neon than traditional. However, there are some limitations to this. You cannot create letters as small as with real neon and inner radiuses need to be bigger.

No. Our LED neon is made using either 12v or 24v LEDs, meaning they are classed as low voltage and do not require a fireman switch.

Of course! If your sign is made using RGB LEDs, then we can provide a controller that has built-in dimming and even some built-in flashing capabilities. If the sign is to be a static colour that does not require RGB, then we can supply a small additional unit that will let you dim the sign.

Definitely! If your sign is being made with RGB LEDs, then there are pre-programmed animations such as flashing on and off, pulsing and cycling through colours. If you want something a little more complex, or if your sign is in white or a standard colour, then we can supply an additional unit that will meet your needs.

It depends on size and design. provided the sign is big enough for the rounding tool to fit in, then we can round the edges. If your sign is made of thin strokes, then this will help create a tube-like finish, but if your sign consists of large blocks, then it would not look like a neon tube.

For the most part, LED neon can be used for the same designs as real neon, which is what makes it a great alternative when real neon cannot be used or is not wanted. However, with it being a machine cut product, some designs are limited to certain letter heights and internal radius’, as there needs to be enough room for the cutting tool to get in.

Definitely. For white and standard colours, we can use IP rated LEDs and power supply units and can add silicone to the sign to help prevent any water getting in. RGB LEDs, depending on the actual requirements of your sign, do sometimes come with controller units that are not IP rated and should be kept inside.

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