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The use of plotted vinyl graphics has helped open up signage to the world. It does not matter whether you are working with a smaller budget, or using vinyl as part of a large installation, there is something for everyone. With plotted vinyl, machine precision means that intricacy is no longer an issue.

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What are vinyl graphics?

Vinyl is a sticky backed material that you have no doubt seen more times that you could count. It can be applied to a variety of substrates including windows, panels, vehicles, even walls and floors. It has become a cost effective replacement for what used to be hand painted designs, allowing more people to have access to signage.

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Where would I use vinyl graphics?

Everywhere! Want to display your opening times on the window of your door? Or perhaps have a temporary 'Sale' sign in your window? Vinyl can even be used for your main shop front sign if you are just starting out and do not have a huge budget.

Features of Vinyl graphics


Vinyl can be used everywhere. On windows, vehicles, panels, vinyl can be used for virtually any purpose.


Vinyl comes in a multitude of colours, both matt, and gloss. You can also get special finishes to look like metal or wood. You can also get vinyl to create a privacy window or completely block out an area.

Cost effective

Vinyl comes in ranges of life expectancy. With each range, there are different costs, so if you are after something more cost-effective, we can use a different range of vinyl.


Because the vinyl is cut using a machine, you can guarantee your design will be replicated perfectly.


The small blade that is used to cut vinyl allows for even tiny details to be recreated


On the occasions where standard vinyl will not achieve the colour, effect or design, we can use printed vinyl instead.

This is a small sample of the Vinyl Graphics we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can create a variety of shapes and designs in various colours, so we should be able to recreate it yes. If cut vinyl is not possible, then we can always print the logo.

Absolutely, for more information on this, please see our vehicle graphics page.

Vinyl comes in several ranges, each with its own lifespan. some vinyl can last up to 7 years, while others only 6 months. External factors can also decrease the lifespan, such as being used outside, or somewhere with constant exposure to sunlight

Vinyl has one of the widest range of colours and finishes. From your standard colours in gloss and matt, to metal finishes to special finishes such as carbon fibre, there are an incredibly large number of choices. With regards to matching colour codes, the vinyls are not made to a specific code, so while we might be able to get close in some instances, if you need specific RAL, or Pantone colours, then either paint or digitally printed vinyl are the best options.

Vinyl sticks to many different surfaces, acrylic, glass, metal. Certain vinyls are designed to be applied to brickwork, or carpet, or walls and ceilings

There are slight differences in technique depending on the type of vinyl but as a general rule, you want to make sure that the surface you are applying to is clean and free of any dirt or anything that might get trapped under the vinyl. If you are not experienced with vinyl, then applying a thin layer of water to the surface will help give you some play with the material should it not go down exactly as you want. You should begin by peeling part of the front sheet off and applying the vinyl to the surface. then slowly peel the rest of the front sheet, applying pressure to the vinyl in a smooth even motion to prevent air bubbles. Once the vinyl is fully applied, carefully peel off the backing, making sure not to lift any of the vinyl off with the backing.

If applied to a window, you can either peel the vinyl off with your fingers, or use a suitable scraper. If applied to a vehicle, removal by hand is the best choice to avoid any damage to the paint beneath. Be aware however, depending on how long the vinyl has been on the vehicle, there may be a colour differences where the vinyl was.

Once the vinyl is applied, to ensure it lasts as long as possible, you are going to want to care for it. For full detailed aftercare, please see our guide here. However as a general rule, you want to avoid having anything sharp near the vinyl that could catch or tear it and when you clean a window or surface that has vinyl applied, use warm soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth/sponge.

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