Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is the use of various constructs, usually organised within a shop window, to advertise a new product or event. Using neon, LEDs, light boxes, vinyl and printed graphics, businesses can shine a light on a new clothing line or sale and help bring in more customers.

The 1975 Neon Signs

How permanent is it?

For window displays it is usually a non permanent, often seasonal type of product. However, all products that we manufacture are made using high-quality materials and manufacturing methods so can be reused and products made for within the store as permanent features are manufactured to have a long lifespan.

Louis Vuitton - Visual Merchandising

When would I use visual merchandising?

If your business is in selling physical products, clothing, shoes, jewellery, accessories etc, then you would use visual merchandising any time you want to highlight a particular brand, line or sale. It is all about using colour, light and other techniques to bring the attention of people walking by to your new product.

Features of Visual Merchandising


The whole concept of VM is that it is something pleasant to look at. It is used to create appealing displays that get people inside your store.


With different types of lighting, different materials, colours, and finishes available, you can create a stunning display no matter what time of year or theme.

Eye Catching

With bright colours, lights and the option of adding animation, you can attract the attention of passersby with ease.


Whether it is isolated to a shop window, or used throughout the year in store to display products, visual merchandising can be used anywhere


If you want your displays to tell a story, we can help make sure that all elements and colours flow, so that nothing looks out of place and everything fits naturally.

Design Expertise

Whether you have a full design already, or just a concept and some ideas, our designers can help create your ideal display.

This is a small sample of the Visual Merchandising Signage we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! If you have other elements already designed, we can work around that, or we can start from scratch and work with you to achieve the look you want.

Definitely, while we might have made your sign specifically for a sale, or event, we make everything with high-quality materials and manufacturing methods, so you can use and reuse the sign.

We can make a variety of elements for your window or in-store displays. Neon signs, faux neon signs, built up letters and shapes, acrylic plinths, UV bonded glass cabinets, MDF structures and designs, digital prints and vinyl displays. We will take a look at any project so send over anything you have.

We can colour match most things using paint or digitally printed vinyl, so should definitely be able to create something to match your scheme, however, please be aware that we cannot colour match things using Neon or LEDs as light does not work in the same way.

You will need to seek permission from the brand/owner of the logo, but provided you have that, we can utilise them within your design.

We definitely can. We have an in house fitting crew who are more than qualified to install everything we make for you. We are more than happy to also come and install these out of normal hours once your store has closed, so by the time you open in the morning, everything is fully set up. We can also come and take the signage down for you once your event is over if required.

This mostly depends on what it is we are making, but the majority of items will fall within our standard 10-15 working day time frame, beginning from the point we can start manufacture. Certain items can be made quicker though, so if you have a tighter deadline, do not be afraid to ask if we can accommodate this.

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