Light Bulb Signs

Light bulb signs and fairground lights are a great way to add illumination to signage, whether it's to a large fascia sign for a west end theatre or individual letters that can be used in your home, lightbulb signs or fairground lights are a great way to add a show biz feel to your sign.

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What can light bulbs be used with?

In addition to Letters or sign panels, another great way to use light bulbs is to create your own holly wood mirror. Great for a hairdressers, beauty salon, or even your bedroom at home, a holly wood mirror complete with light bulbs around it will make you feel like a star!

Diesel - Light Bulb Sign

What sort of bulbs are there?

There are many different types of bulbs out there that can be used in your signage, from cabochons with their different coloured covers and vintage style incandescent bulbs to LED globe bulbs available in a variety of whites and some colours. If you want to really add a twist to your sign, why not see if bulbs can help?

Features of light bulb signage

Eco Friendly

With many of the bulbs we use having a low wattage and running on 12v or 24v, they will not cost a fortune to run.


With the variety of bulbs, you can have them indoors or outdoors. You can create a vintage effect or have something reminiscent of a fairground or west end show.


If you want different colours, our cabochons can have several different colour covers and the lights inside can also be either cold or warm white.


Light bulb signs offer a truly unique look and feel to wherever you place them, drawing the eye both at home or a place of business.

Multi use

A light bulb sign is not just great for decoration either. The light bulbs will help brighten a space, which is great for advertising in the darker hours, or creating a new atmosphere in a room at home.


Your sign does not have to be static either, many of our bulbs can be dimmed or flashed, allowing for levels of animation like chasing.

This is a small sample of the Light Bulb Signs we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different types that are available: if you want a fairground style sign, or a holly wood mirror style, then we can use cabochons that come in two sizes and with the combination of warm or cold white lights inside a multitude of different colour caps, there are plenty of combinations available. We can also use filament bulbs in a variety of styles and sizes if you want that old school look. If you want something more modern, then we can use a wide range of LED bulbs, for example, golfball bulbs.

There are many different ways to have your letters. We can match any RAL colour, or standard paint reference, we can rust the letters, you can have standard finishes also, such as brushed and mirror polished. There are also different letter styles available, so you can truly create something that is unique for you.

Definitely, the majority of the letters are made from either stainless steel or aluminium, so rusting is not a problem and most of the bulbs we use are suitable for outdoor use. If you let us know that this is the intended use for them when enquiring, we can make sure that everything is made so that it can be used outside.

We can make letters out of most fonts, the main requirement is that the letters are thick enough to accommodate the size of the light bulb you want inside of them. If the stroke width is not large enough, we can either thicken it up or just place the bulbs in the areas that are big enough.

There are a variety of times and places where built-up letters are a great addition. The most common use is for the main sign on your shop front to advertise your business, but recently they have grown in popularity as centrepieces at celebrations such as birthday parties or weddings.

Not at all. While metal , usually either steel or aluminium, is the material mostly used, we can make letters out of acrylic and different types of wood. It all depends on the size of the letters and the requirements you have.

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