Cold Cathode Lighting

Cold Cathode is another name for neon. The name comes from the fact that the tubes run cool to the touch because they are not heated by a filament. It is traditionally used as lighting within coves or as accent lighting in a room or on a building.

Cold Cathode Lighting Ceiling Cove

Why Cold Cathode?

Unlike other lighting methods such as LED, Cold Cathode emits a warm glow that is pleasant to the eye. It does not require any form of diffusing panel to be placed in front of it. With the large diameter of tubes that are used for Cold Cathode lighting installations, you can light up large areas of a room on low voltage transformers.

It is also great for the home. With the warm glow that the tubes can emit, you can create a cosy atmosphere to help relax in the evening. Should you want something a bit more creative, we can great a colour change effect through the use of a red, green and blue tube that can be used to change the feel of a room whenever you want.

Garage Cold Cathode Lighting

When would I use Cold Cathode lighting?

One of the most ideal places to use Cold cathode is in an office area or room that has coves in. The tubes can be placed out of sight along with the transformers so that your lighting installation is as seamless and invisible as possible. The tubes can be mounted using specially made tube supports so that there is no need for any bulky units or long lengths of aluminium channel to be fitted.

One of the best features of Cold Cathode is that it is also fully recyclable. What better way to help increase your green footprint than using a product that when it reaches the end of its lifecycle can be fully disposed in a way that does not harm the environment as opposed to simply ending up in a landfill. Because the tubes are pumped with either neon or argon, the gases inside are also harmless, they naturally in the air we breathe.

Features of Cold Cathode lighting


Cold Cathode is great for creating a variety of atmospheres. Whether you are lighting your home, or your office, we can meet your needs.


With the capability of running up to two meters of glass on a single low voltage transformer, you can light your area with minimal transformers without requiring a fireman switch.

Colour Options

There are several single colour options available and if you are wanting to be able to change your mind frequently, we can create an RGB solution for you.


Because the tubes are custom shaped for each project, we can make sure that the curves and shapes of your space perfectly match.


We can supply the cold cathode complete with a dimming unit, or if you have a system in place, we can provide units that will work with your system.


If you require it, we can supply the cold cathode lighting with a flasher unit allowing for a variety of different functions.

This is a small sample of the Cold Cathode Lighting we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which product you use for lighting is purely down to what result you want. Cold Cathode Lighting is more cost efficient than using Fluorescent. It also produces a light that is gentler on the eyes that LED lights, so there are certainly reasons to choose cold cathode.

Not at all. While white is definitely the most popular colour of choice when it comes to lighting, there are other colours available in cold cathode, such as red, green and blue. Should you want it, we can even create a solution for you that allows you to have an RGB lighting system using cold cathode.

Cold Cathode is most commonly made using 18mm or 20mm diameter tubes. These are usually made in 1.8m and 2m lengths respectively and can have up to two sections run from a single low voltage transformer. The standard units only require approximately 0.5amps to run and once turned on will usually run below this, so will not be a massive pull on your electricity.

Cold Cathode can be made compatible with many different dimming systems, but it will depend on your system and the signal it requires. If you want to include Cold Cathode in your system, let us know what system you have and as much information about it as possible and we will be able to let you know if Cold Cathode can work for you.

We can certainly help with this. We can come and diagnose the issue and can replace any broken tubes or transformers to help get your lighting up and running again.

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