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Shop Signs are indispensable for any business aiming to make its mark on a bustling high street or in a busy shopping centre. They serve not just as a beacon, announcing your presence, but also as a silent ambassador, creating a positive and lasting impression in the minds of potential customers before they even cross your threshold. A well-crafted sign goes beyond mere identification; it communicates the essence of your brand and can significantly influence customer perceptions, setting the stage for their experience with your business. In the competitive retail landscape, a thoughtfully designed sign is a vital component in attracting attention, building brand recognition, and ultimately, drawing in foot traffic.

Gary Ingham retail shop sign

What Are Shop Signs?

Shop or retail signs are a fundamental aspect of any business's visual and marketing strategy, especially in a bustling city like London or on a busy high street.
These signs encompass a wide array of forms, from the bold and eye-catching displays above your entrance that herald your presence, to the creative window graphics that draw the eye of passers-by, and the informative price and sale inserts that guide customer decisions inside. In the competitive London retail landscape, each sign plays a pivotal role in not only marking your location but also in crafting a distinctive brand identity, enhancing customer experience, and facilitating smooth navigation throughout your store.

Haunted - Retail Shop Sign

Why Are Shop Signs Essential?

Shop signs are more than just markers of your business's location; they're powerful tools for driving foot traffic and increasing sales. A well-designed sign positioned outside your shop serves as a magnet, drawing in potential customers and enticing them to explore what you have to offer. Clear and coherent signage inside your shop enhances the overall shopping experience, making it easier for customers to navigate your store and find what they're looking for.

But the benefits of shop signs go beyond mere navigation. They also contribute to creating a positive and memorable impression of your brand. A professional-looking sign communicates professionalism and credibility, instilling trust in potential customers and making them more likely to enter your shop. Once inside, clear and attractive signage can enhance the ambiance and atmosphere, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and encouraging customers to stay longer and make purchases.

In a competitive retail landscape, where every business is vying for customers' attention, shop signs are a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. They help your business stand out from the crowd, attract more visitors, and ultimately increase sales. By investing in high-quality shop signs, you're not just investing in signage; you're investing in the success and growth of your business

Features of Shop Signage


From vinyl lettering, to built up illuminated letters throw in the different finishes and colours and you can have a sign completely unique.


From a simply LED trough light above your sign, to a projecting light box, to neon letters, you can utilise lighting for your shop sign in great ways.


For your letters or panels, we can paint them in a variety of RAL colours. Factor in a wealth of Vinyl colours and pantone for any printed items and you should never have a problem with colours.

Cost effective

With the different options available, you can always find something that will work with your budget.


A sign for your shop is both a decoration, making the environment more pleasing to be in and an advertisement, putting your name and brand out there.


With the quality of materials and manufacturing methods used, your sign will a great source of advertising for years to come.

This is a small sample of the Shop Signs we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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