LED Flex Neon Signs

When traditional neon is not suitable for the job and the premium LED Neon version is outside of your budget, we are now happy to offer you LED Flex Neon Signs. This product provides a budget-sensitive project with something that although does not have the same quality as neon has a similar aesthetic.

LED Flex Neon Sign Colours

What are LED Flex Neon Signs?

LED Flex Neon signs are the more cost-effective alternative to our premium LED Neon. Although they do not compete with real neon in brightness and quality, they provide a Neon-like effect at a cost-effective price point. The product is both durable and easy to install, it comes complete with a hanging kit or sign supports so you can either hang or mount your sign directly to the wall.

LED Flex neon signs are perfect for bedroom decorations, gifts for a special occasion an even shop and window displays when budget is the main priority. Be sure to regularly check out our shop for new designs and contact us for any custom enquiries.

LED Flex Neon Sign Difference

What is the difference between the types of neon?

Technically, there is only one type of neon sign, these are made from glass and have neon or argon gas in them, but as with any glass product real neon has the disadvantage of being able to be easily broken. Our premium LED neon is more durable but has a higher cost due to being made from solid acrylic.

This is where our LED Flex Neon signs come in, being made from silicone means the product is both durable and can achieve a pleasing neon-esque aesthetic whilst helping to keep costs down.

Generally, all LED Neon Flex Signs are manufactured in China, so in order to bring you these LED Flex Neon signs at a cost-effective price point, we have partnered with a company in China that we believe provides a quality level that we are happy to pass on to you the customer.

All signs ordered for the UK are delivered to us first, so that we can ensure the sign meets the quality standards we expect and to make sure that all is safe, so there is nothing to worry about when ordering. Check out our standard designs on our online shop

Swing Swing Swing LED Flex Infinity Mirror Box

LED Flex Neon Infinity Mirrors

Infinity mirrors are a unique way to truly light up a space. With designs that appear to go on forever, our LED Flex Neon infinity mirrors are sure to be a talking piece for anyone who sees them. Check out our infinity mirrors

Features of LED Flex Neon Signs


The sign is made from soft silicone, meaning it won't break if it is knocked, dropped or bumped into.


With LEDs inside, the product will have an estimated lifespan of over 30,000 hours

Colour Options

With 12 different fixed colour options or RGB LED Flex, you can achieve a wide range of colours.


With RGB LEDs, you can change the colour daily, and with flashing and dimming options you can truly customise your sign

Low Voltage

Made with 12v LEDs, you do not require a fireman switch for any of the LED neon signs.

Ease of use

Our LED Flex Neon Signs come complete with hanging kits to suspend or sign supports allowing for fixing directly to the wall ready plug in so that there is minimal time from when you receive your sign to when you can display it.

This is a small sample of the LED Flex Neon Signs we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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