Architectural Signs

Put simply, Architectural signage is used to enhance the external or internal look of a building. Whether that is a sign on the outside to show where you are based, directional signage inside to show which floor you are on, or even the company name and logo on the reception wall, architectural signs help to bring your space to life.

Chessington Dental - Architectural Signs

What are the benefits of architectural signs?

Signage is one of the best forms of advertising. When you factor in the lifetime of an architectural sign, its low cost of ownership makes it a great investment. What better way of increasing your brand awareness than with a sign on the front of your building that also shows people where you are?

In the current climate, where competition is everywhere, a good first impression is key. That impression comes sooner than you think, before a person has even entered your place of business, they look for where you are. A professionally made architectural sign will reflect the standards you hold as a company and will help create the best impression you can before you even meet your customer.

Staffan Tollgard - Architectural Signage

What is the best type of architectural signage?

There are many types of architectural signage available, each with its own benefits. What you choose will depend on your requirements and the look are trying to achieve. For the outside of your building, built up letters with halo illumination create a classic and effect look, that helps bring attention to your sign both during the day and at night. Whereas for a floor plan, or to list the different companies inside the building, a flat panel with applied vinyl, or etched design

Features of architectural signage


What better way to display the professional standards your company upholds than with a great looking sign on the front of your building.


Help people find their way around your building with some efficiently placed floor plans.


Depending on your signage choice, you have vast ranges of custom colour ranges and finishes to choose from including RAL, Pantone, brushed finish and polished finish.


With the choices of material, colours and finishes available, we can help create signage in line with your company's branding.


If you require your signage, internal or external, to be clearly visible at night, we can help incorporate lighting elements into the design.


A well made professional-looking architectural sign will help bring in additional business.

This is a small sample of the Architectural Signs we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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