UV Bonding

UV bonding brings a little bit of magic into the world. Using nothing more than light to activate an adhesive, we can create a bond between pieces of glass that is stronger than the glass itself. It is not just glass to glass either, we can bond glass to metal as well, allowing for a vast range of items to be created.

UV Bonding Glass Counter

What can be made with UV bonding?

UV Bonding of glass is used in a variety of places. From the glass counters at supermarkets and restaurants that let you select your food choice without it being exposed to everyone walking by to the display cabinets you see in jewellery shops. With the addition of metal items, you can have hinged doors and lockable sections, making them ideal ways to display and protect at the same time.

UV Bonding Glass Counter

Is it just for commercial use?

Not at all. Looking to buy a new coffee table for your home? Perhaps you want a writing desk that is a bit different from the normal wooden ones, UV bonded creations are just as suited in the home, or office as they are in shops



The glass we make your creation from is toughened, so it is not as fragile as standard glass and the UV Bonding is stronger than the glass itself.


Once cured, the UV Bonding between the two surfaces is stronger than the surfaces themselves.


With different thicknesses of glass, we can help create strong creations that can endure everyday use.


Using frosted glass we can add an even lighting into your creation without the chance of any visible dotting.


With sand blasting, you can even have your logo or a design on the glass panels.

Invisible joins

When the bonds have fully cured, they dry crystal clear, leaving absolutely no visible glue marks.

This is a small sample of the UV Bonding. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Absolutely, we can make display covers for you that sit on top of your counters. these can be as simple as a hood, or can even have shelves in for additional items.

This really depends on what you mean.  If you mean individual panel size, then we can use panels of glass that are around 4000mm wide x 3000mm high. If you mean overall size, then this depends on the construction of the piece and how it is supported. The best thing to do is get in touch with your spec and we can advise.

Absolutely. With the adhesive that we use, we can bond both glass to glass and glass to metal. Provided we know beforehand, we can construct items that have hinges locks and some other items also. It all depends on what you require.

Your product will last the test of time. The adhesive we use, does not just stick one piece of glass to another, or to the metal, it bonds it. the bond it creates is stronger than the glass itself, so you do not need to worry about its endurance.

We can! In addition to glass to glass and glass to metal, we can bond glass to wood and glass to marble.

We can utilise light in a couple of different ways with glass products. If you do not mind seeing the light source, then we can run LED strips along the edge of a frame around the glass or place them beneath a panel. If you do not want to see the source, we can use a frosted glass.

We can cut the panels to any shape you require, since it is all cut by machine. We can also cut slots and holes in the panels if necessary.

We can use low iron glass panels to prevent the green tinge as much as possible.

If you are looking to get some new glass furniture, get in touch below to get your next project underway!

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