Vintage Signs

Vintage Signs remind us of the "Good Old Days". Everyone remembers them fondly, back when life was simple. So why not get a sign made up for your house to remind you of them? Or, perhaps you want a shop sign that looks like it has been around for decades?

Rusted Letters - Vintage Signs

What are vintage signs?

In short, a vintage sign is any sign that looks as though it is from a time in the past. So whether it is a light box reminiscent of the 60's, a neon sign in the style of the 80's, or even rusted letters mounted on an aged effect wooden panel, vintage signs are increasingly popular today.

AA Garage - Vintage Sign

But isn't it better to have a new sign?

Our vintage signs give you the best of both worlds. The look and feel of an old sign, with the durability, safety and manufacturing methods of the modern age. We can apply rusting solution to new metal, so while it looks old, it still retains its integrity. For old lighting, the effect is achieved using different bulbs and translucent vinyls, so they still provide modern efficiency and longevity.

Features of vintage signs


Because all of the ageings is done by hand, even if we created multiple pieces for you, each will come out slightly different.


What nicer way to remember your youth, or to get a look at the past than with a great looking piece of art in your home or workplace


Do you have an old panel at home already? Perhaps something depicting an old drinks logo or advertisement? We can use this as a base for your sign.


Because the signs we manufacture are new, made to look old, they adhere to all regulations and will be completely safe to display.


Though they may not truly be as old as they look, by the time we are finished ageing your sign, you would never be able to tell.


In addition to wood and steel, we can also age copper and brass, so you can mix and match materials.

This is a small sample of the Vintage Signs we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technically yes, the term vintage does require a sign to be old. What we create are vintage style signs, something that looks as it would have a brand new in the past. Alternatively, we can also make signs that look as though they were made in the past but have aged.

This depends purely on the type of material your sign is made from. If it is wood, then we use stains and other tools to achieve a beaten, distressed look. We can rust and bend steel so that it is slightly out of shape in parts to give it a weathered effect and we can use solutions to create a patina on material such as copper and brass.

Unlike the natural ageing of material, the solutions we use only affect the surface of the material. Once we have achieved the desired level of ageing, we seal the metal to prevent it from ageing further.

There are two types of lighting that tend to work best for vintage signs. Neon is always a favourite as it is reminiscent of older age but still fits in with styles today. Filament lightbulbs are also great for creating a vintage effect as they create the same orangey glow.

LEDs are not quite at home in a vintage sign, as they are a relatively new product, however, with the use of different vinyls and acrylics, we can still achieve a vintage look while keeping the modern efficiency of an LED.

We can certainly help you with this. Whether you just want to replace some lighting on it, or completely bring it back to life, we can help restore your piece of history.

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