Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing is an incredible way to display your product, business, sale or event on any scale with vibrant colour and incredible definition. Smaller digital prints are ideal for applying to window displays or boards or even vehicles and are ideal when you need corporate pantone or CMYK colours to be used.

Large Format Printing - WBC

How big can I have a print?

There truly is no limit to how big a print is. If it goes over standard printing sizes, which can vary based on machines, then the print would be done in multiple pieces that are then applied next to each other on the desired substrate.

BT Auditurium - Large format printing

Can the print go outside?

Absolutely! For a print that is being exposed to the elements, a laminate seal can be applied over the top of the print. This makes it more durable and resilient to being outside, ideal for when you want your print to be displayed longer than a sale or event.


Cost Effective

For large prints, or print runs of large quantities, large format printing can be one of the more cost effective signage mediums.


With large format printing a whole range of colours open up, including CMYK and pantone ranges


Printed vinyl is great for being applied to windows, vehicles or flat panels such as fascias.


When using a high quality source file, even large prints will be displayed with outstanding clarity.


It is not just vinyl that can be printed on either. Card, paper even certain fabrics and materials can be printed on allowing for different effects and suiting different requirements.


Printing can also be used in combination with light boxes and other forms of lighting to ensure that your prints are visible even at night.

This is a small sample of the Large Format Printing we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Unfortunately no. Ral is a chart used for paint and powder coating and does not directly translate into digital. We can print using closest matches, but the best ranges to supply us with for printing purposes are CMYK or Pantone.

Definitely! When you supply us with source images, we check to see if they are suitable for printing at the dimensions you have requested. If not, we will let you know and if you are unable to obtain a higher quality file, our designers can recreate the logo.

yes, you can. Having illuminated prints is a great way to attract attention to yourself outside of regular opening hours, or in the winter months when it gets dark early.

We understand that one of the worst things when you have a great logo that doesn’t fill up a full square is having the white background around it, especially when the surface it is being applied to is not white. However we can ensure your design is cut to shape when needed, either by hand or for any complex cutting, with a machine.

We can. Our in house design team can work with you to create the design or logo you want. Please get in touch with any source images you have or want to use as inspiration.

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