Custom Neon Signs

From its creation, neon has risen to the top of its field for lighting. It is no wonder then that custom neon signs are so popular today. From advertising a new product or offer in your shop, to highlighting sections of an office space, you can use neon for almost any purpose.

Custom Neon Signs - BBQ

What is neon?

So what is a neon sign? Starting with a straight glass tube heated over a large open flame, our glassbenders take your approved design and bring it to life. Once the glass has been bent to its required shape, it is then pumped with either pure neon, or a mixture of argon and neon, depending on what colour you need.

Your piece then sits connected to a power supply for a few days to age in to make sure that there are no impurities and the vacuum has not got any leaks before finally being assembled onto a back panel or being packed up ready for delivery.

Custom Neon Signs - Medi Vets

Our neon quality guarantee

At A1DESIGNS, one of the things we pride ourselves on with our custom neon signs is quality. We want to make sure that you love the sign we make, which is why we have put in several processes to make sure your sign is the best it can be.

From the very first contact with one of our estimators, we will try and get as much information from you as possible. This information is then turned into an estimate that is sent to you so that you can make sure everything is as it should be.

Once you proceed with an estimate, the information along with any provided files or images is passed on to our designers. They will then provide you with a graphical representation of your sign, labelled and filled with all the information you have supplied to make sure that we have understood your requirements at every step. Once you have confirmed you are happy with the design, it then goes down to our experienced glass shop to be made, using a paper template to make sure each piece of your custom neon sign conforms to the design you approved

So why neon signage?


Neon is perfectly safe to the touch. It runs cool or slightly warm and will not burn you if you handle it correctly.


Unlike some other light sources used in signage, neon is completely recyclable.


Despite being a completely hand made product, custom neon signs still remains a cost-effective option in today's market.


There is only one neon, and though there are many alternatives, nothing can quite match it in its look.


With the addition of dimmers, flashers and custom programs, you can create a wealth of different animations


With over a dozen colours and whites available, and the ability to mimic almost any font, you can create a truly custom piece.

This is a small sample of the Custom Neon Signs we have produced. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Neon Signs Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that make up a neon price and the more information you can supply, the more accurately it can be worked out. For a comprehensive guide on how to specify your custom neon signs, please click here.

Definitely, neon is perfectly safe to go outside. It usually requires a different sort of transformer than one that is inside, so if your sign is intended for external use, please make sure to let us know.

Using the smallest diameter glass, depending on the font style, we can make letters as small as 40mm. As a general rule though, the smallest a lot of block style letters can be is about 70-80mm.

Technically, we can make letters as big as you like. If the letter is too large to fit on a single stick of glass, then it will be made in multiple pieces. But don’t worry, when it is assembled onto your panel/wall and lit up, it will look almost seamless.

Not at all, as long as it has been installed correctly, neon is perfectly safe to touch. The tubes run warm to the touch as a standard. The electrodes at the end of each piece of glass do get hot, but these are covered by silicone caps, so that they cannot be touched.

Not always. If the sign is classed as portable, then it does not require one by regulations. There are also some instances where you can wire the sign into a built in fire circuit, so that when the fire alarm is pulled, power would be cut off to the neon. This would remove the need for an independent fireman switch, but would be subject to if you have a system in place and if you can connect into it.

If you want a cover to protect the neon, then we can certainly do one, but that would be all it is needed for. As mentioned above, the neon is perfectly safe to touch, so the cover would only be needed to protect the neon from people, not the other way around.

We offer two ranges. The first range has the majority of colours, red, light blue, medium blue, pink, green, purple, orange, warm white, cold white and turquoise. These tubes are white or clear when turned off. The second range contains cobalt blue, a ruby red, citrus orange, lemon yellow and yellow gold, which are made from coloured glass and are the same colour when off.

We can translate most logos into custom neon signs. There are certain elements that might not be possible depending on size but if it is big enough, we can usually recreate anything.

We make all of our neon by hand at our factory in Wallington Surrey. Every piece of glass is bent by one of our staff and should you want, you can come and see them doing it.

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