Fairground lights and lightbulb signs are becoming increasingly popular.  

Whether it’s a large, outdoor theatre-style sign you require or distinct lettering inside a restaurant or bar – fairground lights or lightbulb signs are a great way to add a showbiz feel. 

And here are some reasons more and more people are choosing lightbulb signage.


Lightbulb signs are highly visible, especially at night or in low-light conditions, making them effective for attracting attention and guiding customers to businesses or events.


There are many different types of bulbs out there that can be used in your fairground signage, from cabochons with their different coloured covers and vintage style incandescent bulbs to LED globe bulbs available in a variety of whites and some colours.  

If you want to really add a twist to your sign, why not see if bulbs can help? 


These lights are not just great for decoration either. The light bulbs will help brighten a space, which is great for advertising in the darker hours, or creating a new atmosphere in a room at home. 

Eco Friendly  

With many of the bulbs we use having a low wattage and running on 12v or 24v, they will not cost a fortune to run. 


Your sign does not have to be static either, many of our bulbs can be dimmed or flashed, allowing for levels of animation like chasing. 


Despite advancements in signage technology, lightbulb signs retain a classic charm that transcends trends, making them a timeless choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression.


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