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To answer the question simply: A long time!

Neon has a manufacturer’s predicted lifespan of 45- 50,000 hours. However, it can last much longer if installed correctly and manufactured to a high-quality standard. A great example is a sign found in America several years ago that had been running for over 70 years. Search Neon running 77 years on Google. 

On average, well-maintained neon signs can last anywhere from 8 to 15 years. However, some can last even longer with proper care.  

Factors such as exposure to weather, dust, and physical damage can also affect their longevity. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and checking for any issues with the wiring or gas tubes, can help extend the lifespan of neon signs.  

Neon is made so that it can run at high voltages, there is no strain put on the product by doing so. Neon can also be run at low voltage; however, this again does nothing to the life expectancy when compared to high voltage. 

It’s also worth noting that glass neon, the only true neon product in existence, does not burn fingers. Correctly assembled and installed, Neon is perfectly safe to touch. The electrodes do get warm, but won’t burn should you touch them, the electrical connection itself should always be covered with rubber caps, called shrouds or electrode sleeves, insulating the electrical connection along with any heat given off. 

Another factor that enhances neon’s longevity is that neon can be easily repaired.

Some common repairs we deal with include replacing broken glass tubes, fixing broken wires or connections, and replacing failing transformers or power supplies.

* If you cannot bring your broken sign to us – we can come and investigate the fault and more-often-than not make any subsequent repairs on site. 

It is important to only trust trained professionals with repairing neon signs, as they can be dangerous to work with and require specialised knowledge and tools. 

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