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As neon experts, at A1DeSIGNS, we’re frequently asked all manner of questions about neon. Rightly so, questions about the safety of neon pop up time and time again – so we’ve put together a quick question and answer around the topic of neon sign safety. 

* Firstly, A lot of people conjure their own opinions on the safety of neon signs, without seeking advice from an expert. We are glad when people ask about the safety of neon lighting as we can help to get the correct message across.  

Is neon safe? 

YES; neon signage is incredibly safe to use, providing it is well looked after and treated with respect. Neon light dates back over 100 years to the time – so you can feel confident that modern day neon signs are more reliable and safe than ever before. 

Why do people think neon isn’t safe? 

A lot of people worry about the inert gases that are used to manufacture neon signs. Generally, it’s thought that these types of gases can be harmful if the tubes are damaged and the gases are released into the air. When neon lighting is damaged, the electric charge is instantly switched off, meaning there will be no current passing through the gases. 

Also, neon signs operate at high voltages, typically in the range of 2,000 to 15,000 volts, depending on the sign’s size and design. It’s crucial to hire a qualified professional for installation to ensure the electrical components are handled correctly.

A1Designs commitment to neon safety 

Every neon sign created by A1deSIGNS is done so in-house. Our signs are made from glass tubes and depending on the colour of the sign, a clear, powder coated glass or coloured glass will be used. The signs are then filled with neon or argon gas, which depends on what the final colour needs to be. Once the signs are complete, they are extremely safe and should have a long lifespan if they are well looked after. 

Regular maintenance is important to keep neon signs in good condition. Checking for any damage, loose connections, or malfunctioning components can help prevent potential safety issues.

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