Neon signs are unique. They have a warm glow that cannot be matched – offering a unique way to express creativity for a business or bring a home room to life.

They are also very versatile. Each neon sign or art piece starts its life out as a series of hollow glass tubes that are then heated and shaped into its desired form. So it can be used to recreate almost any shape, design, word or logo.

A highly impressive product, right? But what is the cost of running neon? It’s a question we’re frequently asked… so, let us explain.

Does Neon Cost a lot to run?

A. No, cost is low, less than your washing machine for the same amount of time.

When looking at the running cost of neon, you are needing to work out the kWh. This is done by working out the wattage (real wattage) being used by the transformer and converting that into kilowatts. Then multiply that figure by the number of hours the transformer will be running. This is then multiplied by your electricity cost per kWh.

A guide:

If we take our 8kv/18mA wire wound transformer running at 95watts of power. The sign it powered was running for 10 hours a day for every single day of the year.

95 watts /1000 = 0.095kWh

0.095kWh x 10 hours per day = 0.950kWh

0.950kWh x 365 days = 346.75kWh over the year at 10 hours per day.

346.75kWh is then multiplied by the current cost for your electricity per
kWh. The current average at the time of writing this is 14.37p/kWh.

346.75 x 14.37p = 4982.78p /100 = £49.82 for the year.

We hope you found this post helpful… and please drop us a line if you’d like to chat about any of the details we’ve covered or to find out more about how our variety of neon solutions can help your business.

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