Gary Ingham retail shop sign

Shop Signs are an absolute must if you are located on a busy high street, or within a large shopping centre. They let people know who you are and a well made sign will create a positive influence inside potential customer’s mind even before they enter your premises.

How much do shop signs cost?’ and ‘Are shop signs expensive?’ are questions we’re often asked as a specialist in all types of shop signage.

With this in mind, we’re going to go into some depth to answer these two questions as best we can…

How much do shop signs cost?

This question is the most asked question we hear. Not just limited to shop signs, many people enquire with just this question, without realising how difficult it can be to answer. Many different elements affect the overall cost; the size of the sign, what material(s) is/are being used on it, whether there is any illumination, whether a sub-frame is needed. Built up letters cost more than flat cut letters, which in turns costs more than vinyl graphics. Built up letters with lighting inside costs more than without. It can sometimes be cheaper to illuminate your sign with an overhead trough light than with lighting inside the sign itself, but sometimes it is not.

The more information you can provide at the enquiry stage, the easier it is to get a quick and accurate price for your shop sign.

Are Shop Signs Expensive?

The answer to this question can be both yes and no. Depending on the materials you choose for your shop sign, it can become quite expensive. More premium materials and finishes (brass and polished gold stainless steel for example) will naturally increase the cost. Adding lighting also increases the cost, the level of this depending on the type of lighting and coverage.

But the true answer to this question depends on your perception and budget. Your shop sign is hand made by us, sometimes taking many hours to manufacture the individual components and then assemble everything into the finished product. Knowing that certain materials cost more than others and certain styles take longer to make than others can help you have a realistic expectation based on what you are asking for. A single shop sign could vary from £6/700 + vat to over £3000 + vat depending on the materials and styles used.

If you have a budget that is higher than this cost, then the sign would not be seen as expensive and likewise, if your budget is lower, then it would be seen as expensive.

One thing to also think about is that while a shop sign can work out expensive, it is expected to last between 4 and 7 years at least and will serve as one of the greatest forms of advertising for your business. A good quality impressive shop sign will stand out from other shops in the area. When you factor in the lifespan of the sign and the potential it brings for new business, it is well worth investing in a good quality sign.

* Please note: If you are interested in having a shop sign made up, please look at our guide to Specifying your Fascia, along with the other specification documents that will help you know exactly what to request based on what you want. Alternatively, please feel free to call or email us to begin the process of creating a shop sign

If you have any further questions related to this topic or any other around shop and retail signage, please take the time to get in touch and we can talk to you about any type of project you have in mind.