Technicool - Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics are a great way to provide a low-cost source of advertising that turns your vehicles into a mobile billboard. 

Unlike other advertising, once you have it put up, there are no ongoing costs. 

From plotted vinyl lettering, to printed images, to magnetic panels, vehicle graphics are simply a great way to get your name out there when driving around. 

At A1DeSIGNS, we can recreate logos, apply website addresses and phone numbers, even list your services. Please see a range of our vehicle graphics designs on our Pinterest page here.  

Here are some more benefits of vehicle graphics. 

Brand Visibility

A branded vehicle stands out on the road, increasing brand visibility and recognition. It’s an excellent way for businesses to establish their presence in the community and make a lasting impression on potential customers.


With different quality materials, you can have your graphics made to last for several years. 


Vinyl comes in a wealth of colours and finishes, so you will be spoilt for choice when deciding on your design. 


With the capability of modern-day plotters, even intricate designs are simple to create, and if it cannot be plotted, it can be printed, so there is no reason why your design cannot be achieved. 

Cost Effective 

Whether you are working with a small budget for a single vehicle, or a larger budget for a fleet, there are options available to get some branding on your vehicle 

Non-intrusive Advertising

Unlike online ads or telemarketing, vehicle graphics are non-intrusive. They don’t interrupt or annoy potential customers but instead offer a passive form of advertising that people can choose to engage with if they’re interested.

Check out more of our articles here. And please drop us a line if you’d like to chat about any of the details we’ve covered or to find out more about neon sign safety.