Retail Signs

Shop and retail signage are essential if you are located on a busy high street, or within a large shopping centre.  

Not only does it let people know who you are, but a well-made sign will create a positive influence inside potential customer’s mind even before they enter your premises. 

Here at A1deSIGNS, we have more than 30 years designing and creating signs for our customers. And in our opinion, these five factors are what really makes great retail signage. 


Keep the message concise and to the point. Avoid clutter and excessive information that can overwhelm viewers. 


Your sign should be easily seen from a distance and in various lighting conditions. Consider the size, placement, and lighting of the sign to maximize visibility. 

Retail Brand Consistency

Your sign should reflect your brand’s identity, including its colours, logo, and design elements. Consistency helps reinforce your brand in the minds of customers. 

Unique Design

Create a sign that sets your business apart from competitors. A distinctive design can help your shop stand out in a crowded marketplace. 


Regularly maintain and clean your sign to keep it looking fresh and appealing. Faded or damaged signs can send a negative message about your business. 

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