Til Death do us Party Colour Change LED Flex Neon Sign

Neon art is becoming increasingly popular. It is used to lighten up an environment or create a statement – so great to liven up an office space or decorate a wall in your home. 

It can be a simple word or phrase, or it can be an image. You can have your neon put straight on the wall, or it can be combined with other materials such as wood, acrylic or metal backings to help it stand out. 

A neon art piece is something that will pop, drawing the eye the moment you enter a room. At A1 DeSIGNS we love creating neon art and here are some reasons why… 

One of a kind 

With the combination of your imagination, the different colours and backing materials available and the different styles, your art can be truly unique. 


When properly maintained, neon signs can last for many years, making them a durable option for both indoor and outdoor installations.


A neon art piece is something that will pop, drawing the eye the moment you enter a room. 


Neon art can take many forms, from classic signs and lettering to intricate sculptures and installations. Artists can explore a wide range of creative possibilities, incorporating neon into diverse artistic expressions.


If you want to be able to travel with your neon, it can be made as a complete unit, so you can simply take it somewhere and plug it in. 


Despite being a relatively old technology, neon art remains timeless and continues to capture the imagination of people across generations. It carries a sense of nostalgia while also feeling contemporary and edgy.


Neon art often serves as a captivating backdrop for photography and social media posts. Its luminous quality can make ordinary scenes appear more intriguing and aesthetically pleasing in photographs.

* You do not have to be an artist to create a piece of neon art. If you have a phrase that means a lot to you, or a logo you wish to convert, we can help. Even something as basic as a name can be turned into neon. 

Check out more of our signage articles here. And please drop us a line if you’d like to chat about any of the details we’ve covered or to find out more about how our variety of neon signs can help your business.