Social Distancing Signage

Social Distancing Signage solutions, to help your business comply with the current government guidelines on COVID-19, we have a range of standard products to help with that we can provide along with customised solutions to fit the needs of your business.

Social Distancing Floor Sticker

2m Floor Marker & Arrow Vinyls

With the need to have people keeping two metres away from each other, the easiest way to help with this is to have visible floor markings. We have self adhesive markers available, at 300mm diameter, hard wearing, printed onto slip resistant vinyl.

Arrow Floor Stickers

Arrow Floor Vinyls

To help keep people apart when browsing through your store, introducing a one-way system of travel is a great method. For this purpose, we have directional arrow floor prints to aid you. Printed onto hard wearing, slip resistant vinyl at 300mm diameter, these are great for anywhere you need to guide your customers.

Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Keeping hands clean is vital in these current times and having a way for customers and employees to do this is key for helping beat the virus. Hand Sanitising Stations allow everyone to keep clean and do his or her part in this.

Counter-Top Sneeze & Cough Guards

Counter-Top Sneeze & Cough Guards

With the need to protect both yourself and others in the current climate, it is vital to have a clear barrier between staff working on tills and customers that still allows for perfect visibility and business to carry on, while helping shield against sneezing and coughing. We have a series of these guards available, both as flat panels and with side returns where needed. Ranging from 750mm wide up to 1500mm wide, our guards are 1000mm high to provide suitable protection for you and with all parts slotting together, you can assemble them in minutes without the use of any tools.

Barrier System

Barrier systems

Sometimes markers and arrows are just not enough to ensure a smooth flow of foot traffic. When you need something a bit more physical, a barrier system is perfect. The four directional
slots in the poles allow for maximum efficiency no matter how your business is set up and with the ability to slot the retractable belt system into the pole, you can set up a full queueing system in minutes.

Social Distancing Signage Spray Template

Aluminium Composite Spraying Template

If you would prefer not to use the vinyl floor stickers, our precut 2m marker or directional arrow marker spraying stencil is perfect for you. Simply place it on the floor, inside or out and use a spray can of your choosing. Cut out of aluminium composite, it is durable and lightweight. You can use it repeatedly. We offer two sizes as standard: 400mm square allowing for a 300mm diameter design and 600mm square allowing for a 500mm diameter design.

Custom Sneeze Screen

Custom Screens & Partitions

We can also manufacture customised sizes in acrylic or toughened glass, with your company branding if required. Please get in touch if you require this service.

Features of Social Distancing Signage


Help keep your staff and customers safe from germs and viruses.


All products are made to be hard wearing.


You can have your logo on all products.


Even after the social distancing requirement is over, you can reuse many of these products.

This is a small sample of the Social Distancing Signage. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Absolutely, because they are either made of glass, or Acrylic that has not been flame polished, you can clean any screen we provide without the worry of any crazing.

You can indeed. For the floor vinyl, please send us your logo and we will ensure it is on there when printed. For everything else, please let us know if you want any branding and we can make sure you have the correct prices.

We can. We have developed these sizes to try and accommodate the standard areas, but if you have a more custom requirement for size, material or look, then please get in touch and we can help out.

We have designed these to be as straightforward as possible however if you need assistance putting everything in place, please do let us know and we wold be happy to help. We can also visit and measure up for any custom screens needed.

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