Top 10 Facts About Neon

Neon was first discovered in its elemental form in 1898 and in less than 20 years it was used not just as a scientific tool, but as a product. The first demonstration of neon in a modern form was in December 1910, by a man called Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show, who displayed […]

Working Neon into your Décor

Neon signs and neon artwork are an increasingly popular trend for interior design and décor. The ability to create either a strikingly unique look or subtle, easy on the eyes warm glow. With the right design and a skilled glass bender, a neon sign can transform a work or living space. Neon can brighten up […]

Using Neon Signs for Visual Merchandising

The different ways to use neon for visual merchandising Neon has many uses, especially when in signage form. Neon signs can be used to create eye catching messages, both domestically and commercially, with many homeowners and business owners turning to neon to add visual appeal to their respective properties. When it comes to visual merchandising, […]

Why Are Neon Signs So Popular?

A Brief Look at the Reasons Why Neon Has Become So Popular! More and more people are turning to neon to create stunning visuals, not only for marketing, but for decorative purposes too. With its massive surge in popularity in recent years, it’s really got us wondering; “why have neon signs become so popular?”. Let’s […]

Can Neon Signs Play a Significant Role in an Office Design?

Using Neon Colour Schemes in Offices In the modern era, more and more businesses are turning to bright, vibrant colour schemes to liven up their offices. Wall decorations, lighting, furniture and even the floors and ceilings themselves can all play a significant role in the overall design of an office, and are all things that […]

Using Neon to Enhance the Look of your Home

With its strikingly unique look and unbeatably warm glow unlike any other light source, it is no surprise that many people are turning to neon signs to bring some colour and life into their businesses and more recently, their homes . Where to display your neon sign Neon is an incredibly versatile light source. Able […]

Neon Signs – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

When you are a business wanting to get noticed by your customers, there is little doubt that the type of sign that makes the biggest impact is a neon sign, however not all companies are equal when looking for a neon sign. So what do you look for when considering a neon sign? The good…. […]

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